Unique place of luxurious relaxation in the very center of Svetvinčenat

At the beginning of the 18th century, in the heart of Istria, in the town of Svetvinčenat, there was a building that is now known as Neroli Place. This protected cultural property preserves the centuries-old tradition and originality of life in Istria.

Over the centuries, the house, together with Svetvinčenat, has witnessed many changes and challenges, and today, in all its glory and with open arms, it opens its doors to welcome you and give you the opportunity to be a part of its story.

Over time, the house has changed many functions and owners, and in recent years it has been a unique place of luxurious relaxation in the very center of Svetvinčenat. The Neroli Place reconciles the need for maximum privacy with the proximity of all amenities that will make your vacation unforgettable.


Join us and become a part of the Neroli Place story

Just a few steps from the house is the town square with the trademark of Svetvinčenat – the Castle of Morosini Grimani. Interesting concerts and various events are held in the Castle from spring to autumn, the most famous of which are the Svetvinčenat Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival and The Medieval Festival Svetvinčenat

Istria is widely known as an exceptional gastronomic destination, so you can enjoy the tastes of the La Casa Mimes restaurant near Neroli Place. There are also the Vorichi tavern, the Beccaccia tavern, the Pekici excursion site, and the 2. Peron tavern in the area.

Wine lovers can enjoy a top-quality offer by following the wine roads of Istria, and the widely recognized olive-growing tradition will offer you some of the best Croatian and international olive oils. Svetvinčenat also has a fantastic craft beer called Kampanjola.

We invite you to join us and become a part of the Neroli Place story.


A house equipped for your complete enjoyment

A high-quality and well-equipped kitchen will allow you to indulge in all your ideas and fantasies and make you feel at home when preparing your top delicacies. A gas stove, electric oven, toaster, blender, mixer, stab mixer, kettle, coffee machine, microwave, and a large refrigerator with a freezer and an ice maker are at your disposal. The kitchen has high-quality dishes and cutlery; your only task is to let your ideas flow freely.
For grill lovers, there is also a beautiful outdoor grill with all the necessary equipment that will awaken the real grill master in everyone.
Inside the house is a small library with books on various topics in several languages, so even lovers of the written word can enjoy themselves.
For the young and those who feel young, there is also a PS4 with some of the most exciting games, a bunch of Legos, puzzles, board games, fast Internet, and a smart TV with the MaxTV program package.
For the best possible experience, we have taken care of top-quality bedding, sufficient towels, a set of Rituals cosmetics for personal hygiene, and a selection of essential oils for those fragrant moments you will spend in the sauna.